Liquid Blue concentrated

Liquid Blue concentrated

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Liquid Blue Pigment

Blue pigments are main constituent in colored liquid crystal display (LCD) screens.

The TVs in our living rooms have altered extremely in current years: flatter and flatter, bigger and bigger, and furthermore sharper and sharper colors. Behindhand this modernization lies not only a novel technology, but also anew advanced materials.
Blue pigments are a key constituent in color liquid crystal display (LCD) screens. An LCD screen is in reality finished up of little cells recognized as pixels. Separately cell comprises red, blue, and green pigments, that act as filters: the energy transitory through them syndicates with them to make millions of dissimilar colors. These pigments essential to be very fine, ultra-pure, resilient and gifted to spread consistently over the screen external. An improved quality pigment offers a picture that is not only more vivid and more glowing, then also higher definition.


  • Color filter photo resist manufacture for TV
  • Colour filter photo resist manufacture for Mobile Display and LCD Monitor
  • Benefits
  • High colour transmittance and LCD Monitor
  • High distinction ratio
  • Outstanding coating consistency
  • Outstanding heat & chemical fight
  • Good compatibility


Particle size D50 : 40 ~ 80nm
Viscosity 5~12 cPs
Thermal stability ΔEab< 3, 230°C~ 250°C for 1hr
Chemical stability  ΔEab< 3 , NMP, IPA, γ-GBL
Uniformity ≤±3%